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Our Solutions - Shrink Label Films

Shrink Labels can be truly differentiated from other product labels in the market. It is versatile and attractive graphics and colours can be added to the packaging of a product. In addition to its form, these labels are also excellent in function as they can combine the body label with a tamper evident band to ensure a secure and safe product. Products that typically fit into this category would include premium non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, carbonated beverages, food, spirits, dairy products and pharmaceuticals products.

Macro Plastic provides customers with the ultimate flexibility in Shrink Films. From a choice of PVC or PET-G (PETG/ PET G) films, we can cater to just about any of our client’s specific needs.

  • For full-body sleeves, shrink sleeves, multi-packs, and tamper-evident bands
  • For wine caps and disk plates

Shrink Films entails placing a pre-printed plastic sleeve onto a container and then applying heat to the plastic film (typically thickness of 40 - 60 microns) so that the film shrinks to the shape of the bottle. The technology of shrink sleeving has been around for over forty years and has come a long way since then; mainly due to the innovative properties of modern day plastic film.


Macro Plastic offers Shrink Film Solutions in the following formats:

  • Shrinkable PVC
  • Shrinkable PET

In addition to attractively printed graphics, Shrink Films can also include metallic effects, varnishes, coatings, unique perforations, easy open tamper evident bands, tear tapes, and more.

Features of our Shrink Sleeve Labels include:

  • Pre-distorted print
  • 100% 3 dimensional full length decoration
  • Combination of body labels and tamper-evident band
  • Matt, gloss finishes or both
  • Photographic thermochromic finish
  • Tactile shrink sleeves
  • Translucent colours & transparent windows
  • Effective alternative to printed packaging
  • High opacity printing for UV protection
  • Ideal for curved and unique shaped containers
  • Barcodes