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Our Solutions - Box Making

Box packagings are widely used and an extremely popular form of product packaging. This is because box packaging is the simplest structure in which to protect and envelop a product. But even though a box may be simple, it can still be visually appealing if treated and manufactured in the right way. That’s where Macro Plastic comes in. We offer an extensive line of films for transparent boxes and windows, box lids, rounds, or non-thermoformed packages.

The benefits that our films and sheets offer are:

  • They are available in a wide range of colors, finishes and surfaces, and mechanical properties
  • They provide consumers with a view of the product inside the box for better inspection of the goods
  • They are exceptionally clear and glossy
  • They have high impact strength with low crease-whitening properties
  • They offer beautiful prints
  • They are formulated with greater slip to ensure they process better with fewer rejects