While Victoria made it through to training camp, it soon became clear that she was not quite ready to be on the team. I barely got to see her. They're on to me. All rights reserved. Shes a great dancer, but she lacks the type of confidence shed need to carry the team front and center. reality blurredis regularly updated with highlights from the world of reality TV: news and analysis; behind-the-scenes reports; interviews with reality TV show cast members and producers; and recaps and reviews ofreality TV showsincluding Survivor, The Amazing Race, The Mole, Big Brother, The Great British Baking Show, Shark Tank, Top Chef, Holey Moley, The Bachelor, Project Runway, Dancing with the Stars, and many more. Rumor has it that she made Lilly cry. 31.3k Followers, 2,870 Following, 406 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Caroline Brock (@carolinebrock95) I truly think trying to hold on in your 30's is just that trying to hold on. The fact of the matter is that not a lot of past or current cheerleaders could have made the team over: I would have chosen Ashlinn and Tori over Alora-Rose and Sydney all day long. Terrific for selfies and pics in low lighting. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I feel like there are some out there who have leveraged their time as a DCC into something more, whether it be their personal businesses (Sydney with Live Love Gameday, Schram with her gorgeous resin artwork, etc.) https://www.instagram.com/p/CWgRTBcMMXs/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link. I'm just making assumptions. She had a fun personality, but was young and inexperienced (at an etiquette lesson, she thought that quail was seafood). You only know she exists on the team because so many people agree that she shouldnt have made this years squad. If its going to bring attention to a business venture, sure, stick around. If the field isnt an option, maybe more will retire. Just because everyone uses soci, Im glad she let us know she was mature, brave and not at all selfish in her decision to take a break. MAJOR spoilers. You heard it here first: Tori will be 2023 point, Also it stresses me out that Kelcey and Chandi will be group leaders without being second leaders first. I absolutely get your point here, and I think there are some ladies that really need to move the heck on with their lives, already. They do their best to warn women who are on the chopping block, and are at risk of being cut in order to give them time to correct whatever issues they may have. This year they nailed it, she looks great. Cersten Bradley PGY1 UT San Antonio Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader LSU Tiger Girl Dancer #GodIsDope While each season tends to focus on that years new rookie candidates, it seems like fans want to see just as much (if not more) of the veteran candidates that theyve gotten to know from before. . I hope she auditions againI, Madeline S. dance wise is not the best, but I like her nonetheless), She is working at the dance studio owned by Evan Anderson, former DCC, and family. Is there any kind of restrictions there? Some shows will deliver hard drives of footage to your house, but for DCC, we controlled our work computers from our homes via remote access software. I love the tea . I would have loved to see Jackie Bob again. It seems to be only the first/last show that every has to perform at if I remember rightly as formations seemed to change all the time in 2019! I get that they are dragging out the final cuts for drama, but for years I've thought that was stupid as it prevents them from finalizing their positions until the last minute. I think Paige and Tessa proclaimed to lovetheir new look and then went back as soon as possible. Gooodbye. Taylors on tik tok too nowhttps://vm.tiktok.com/ZMR6EcQLp/, Copyright 2022 Snugglefish Media. And I will fight anyone who makes a comment about her weight! With the ending of the Making the Team season, here is the place to discuss the new squad! 6. And theyalso barely showed Megan and Jessica, but it looks like that is maybe Jessica's body in the opening shots going by the bouncy long blonde curls, or that could be Tori, or whomever has a mole on their neck. I lovedBret! u/RayHans03. "For the first time ever we took back our entire rookie class" just so we can hear K&J say that over and over again next season Hahahaha theyre awesome! Give us new girls! Her LinkedIn says "Marketing and Sales Professional" but Idon't know if it's current. I dont understand PTs fandom. And if anyone wants to know how she gets her natural curls to look so pretty, here you go! The series premiered in 2006 and takes an in-depth look at the rigorous audition process that ladies go through to become a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. I heard Kelli say something like "we specifically told you not to post anything about your experience intraining camp" or something along those lines. Also, women who are cut from training camp and dont make the team one year often return to try again in following years. Tess was a bad GL. It's always within the context of the show. Great ambassador especially with the military but time to go forward. , m not quite sure were gonna get the mass exodus somethink. Whos the blonde rookie in Lexies group? I've tried to click on the link for awhile and it says link may be broken or page removed. And the one thing that the mods. I can't provide that right now. I hope that CiCi, Jalyn, and Savannah retire. https://instagram.com/stories/tyylerhunterr/2710855963178639901?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&utm_medium=copy_link, Maddie-Hannah/Alanna-Kat-Jada-Lea. The DCC are critiqued heavily on how they look, from how big their hair is to how toned their stomachs are. Look at the culture of DCC and how KELLI has evaluated the girls. I like Armani at point! If it was already posted, enjoy it again, I guess. No drama intended. If not, it has to be difficult to adjust on the fly like that. Still a favorite of mine out of these girls though. I saw on PT (yes I said it *lol*) Little Heather (who was cut in Season 12? Mavs girls drama makes DCC drama look so boring in my opinion. I think she looks great here and I also think its awesome that we have another legacy cheerleader. The Mole behind the scenes: how it was produced, Desi Williams on her DQ, rules, theft, and more: not everything in The Challenge is fair, How The Amazing Race started: an oral history of CBSs first race around the world, interviews with producers and reality stars. Did Lisa confirm too? Be against everything CMT, Charlotte and Kelli do. Olivia S (S5) either talked back to Cassie, or Cassie was mad because Olivia was getting all the attention at that year's calendar shoot, hence her cut in S6. Wait Armani is rumored to be a mean girl? Just wanted to put my two cents in lol, No its Jensen in Lexie group Tori is in group 4, Yeah do we know who the new "assistant director" that I don't care about is? Primetimer is way better now. Good for her. I do remember when one of the choreographers (my mind went blank and can'tremember his name for the life of me) had crushed hard on her though and Kelli was teasing him, lol. I guess it's because she has changed so drastically since she got injured back in 2019 that it still shocks me every time I see a photo of her. There's nothing behind those eyes. I noticed that too. All rights reserved. They are under-utilized and under-appreciated by TPTB, and I don't want to see them get treated like Brennan. I saw some of her tweets before she made her Twitter private and she definitely has no issue voicing her opinions, but I dont know if she has or would ever do that around team members or in the DCC environment. All rights reserved. That's how it goes for a lot of the DCCs. Super active and lots of information. Kelli and Judy (the director and head choreographer) are looking for a well-rounded group of women who can not only perform, but be ambassadors for the Dallas Cowboys organization as a whole. There is still a little body analysis but I dont see that as PT's fault. According to them it was Victorias fault that Tara and Brennan got cut, it was Vs fault that Jalyn lost showgroup. I created reality blurred 22 years ago as a place to collect interesting links I found. There are others. In other words, Im here to call it out when it sucks and celebrate it when its amazing. Learn more. Good for all the vets who decide to come back. If we're going the Rachel W. route (solely looks), then possibly! So if I get my wish (which I won't) there will be 15 spots open.which is one spot less than the rookie class of 2018. Case in point, Victoria is well loved has tons of social media support, but if you were to guess only by this forum or reddit - she's highly unpopular. Was Darian a strong rookie? but were thankful that our production company gave us the opportunity to work from home. Kristen has also heavily hinted in all her wedding posts on her social media that she will be joining her soon-to-be husband after they get married. Powered by Invision Community, READ ME before posting in DCC: Making the Team, All Past Seasons of the Late Lamented Show, The Process: Auditions, Training Camp and Squad, Former DCCs: Where They've Gone & What They're Doing, Small Talk: 1, 2, 3 Non-Cheerleader Conversation, The DCC Organization: Coaches, Judges and Owner Group, A Note from your Moderators about "DCC Insiders". She is one of the strongest dancers on the team. ;). Is anyone else wondering where lemonbus, Dr Manhattan and even Rodeo Drive have disappeared to?! Facebook Watch video from Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team: 202K views, 2.6K likes, 721 loves . i always felt so bad for her. Many of them have full-time jobs outside of being a DCC, which is a full-time job itself. I get that Natalie W is popular and has a media following, tho more low key than MRS, but this all day. I think Junior DCC is Cassie's "only" job now besides being a full time mum. I thought it might be fun to makepredictions about the rookie class. Same thing with Celinda from Season 12 And Dayton from Season 13 (I know she doesn't wanna re-audition unless they stop airing the show, but I want her on the same so bad), Brett, Madeline S. and Shaina from Season 14 (Madeline S. dance wise is not the best, but I like her nonetheless), I lovedBret! It's very different region to region and even person to person. She comes across as a little timid, and more of a blender right now. For season 15, the usual audition phase is essentially skipped since they select their training camp candidates form their audition videos. Posted by. wonder why they showed Christina, Elli, Chandi, and Kristen so briefly. Kristin is a wild card. Back then, network reality programming was booming and every cable network was desperate to have their own hit reality series to show off. The discussion here is far more engaging and entertaining than the show itself. I don't know how!! I've said it before- any talk of weight or problem areas is using the metric DESIGNED BY KELLI and the DCC. However, as one poster said, different strokes for different folks for sure. Victoria stole a vets LuMee and Kelli did nothing about it. Sometimes there are one or two girls that we use a lot (see the DCC Wikias confessional rankings) because they give great soundbites or just provide good TV moments, so while it can sometimes seem like producers are shoving a select few candidates down their throats, its mostly just because those are the girls that make us laugh or smile in that moment. Why couldn't the squad photo look as good as this video did? If she's holding on for Pro Bowl, my bet is her co-point is going to get that one. Confirmed girls that I know of to be coming back are Gina, Marissa and Victoria (ok Victoria is not necessarily confirmed but come on), Girls that I wish would retire are Alora-Rose,Briana, Caroline, Daphne, Erin, Jessica, Kat, Kristin, Maddie, Madeline, Rachel A. Savannah, Sydney, Taylor, and Tess. all with successful dance studios and choreography business. However, they would have made the team over so many past cheerleaders, like pro-bowl Amy, Team USA Kat etc. Mom: thanks a lot (name) for getting me hooked on Making the Team! To tell you the truth, I only watched a portion of three episodes the whole 2020 season. Ahhh!! Some of the TCCs who didn't make the team but had families were. By 14 comments. Reddit is the best of the three. Also from the closed thread. @Uk-Eve Rarely if ever check the shopping channel forum. Others have said she has a vacant look that I agree with. Erica Perry (Veteran cut at Finals) Kari Laywell (Veteran cut at Finals) Misti Johnson (Veteran cut at Finals) Meredith Oden (Cut at Finals) Miranda Parker (Cut at Finals) Danielle Sanchez (Cut from training camp) Elizabeth Wilcox (Cut from training camp) Lindsey Steed (Cut from training camp) Mikell Frazier (Cut from training camp) Naomi (Cut from training camp) Shannon (Cut from training . GURLLLLLL SHE IS STUNNING!!!! Tess was not happy about her evaluation and confronted her group. That was the no-no. The first episode will jump right into the start of this past summers training camp experience. While the show is fun and often light-hearted, it does not come without criticism. Is she really? CrazyInAlabama, November 20, 2021 in S16. You'll also find other people's insightful takes on reality TV in these pages, too. (Its a rule that each veteran candidate has to re-audition every year and earn their spot back). I'm on Primetimer also. I was so happy for the rookies and vets. I'm also not surprised to see that some are just waiting to hear what auditions and Training Camp are like. And creepy AF. Maddie. Rockstar Rookie: Tyra. Copyright 2022 Snugglefish Media. By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. The boards there are really slowing down, I feel. Copyright 2022 Snugglefish Media. PT: Everything is basically Cassies fault. Maybe Jackie didn't want to be featured. Lets not bring this drama. How clueless to keep ignoring the rules about social media, after being warned, and sitting there in Kelli's meeting looking surprised you are being let go. Was it when someone called Sydney an attention whore or are you referring to something or someone else? She danced professionally as a cheerleader for the NBA Oklahoma City Thunder for two seasons: 2015-2017. I likely won't be surprised at exactly who leaves since they're probably going to be exactly who I suspect they are. All reality blurred content is independently selected, including links to products or services. A few seasons back, a typical dance sequence on the show was full of tighter, close-up shots. Prime Time Forums is a company that operates in the Media and Entertainment industry. It successfully stayed off of my radar for over a decade, but continually churned out new seasons every year. But maybe that was just one game. I respect everyone's opinions. It's getting as toxic is the damn locker room can be. I have to disagree on the part that she was barely mentioned before. In a typical season, the show will premiere on TV before the show has finished filming, so it can be difficult for the producers and editors to predict who will be that seasons breakout characters, or who will make it far but ultimately get cut in the end. seem to go after is when people start discussing . Don't know how I feel about it, but if someone is a great dancer, they should get the chance, IMO. We know her to exist because of her pro bowl experience, along with therumors about fraternizing with players. KaShara KY|TX Matthew 5:16 Serve the world out of love . I am 1 million percent positive it is true. Same goes for Sydney. read the handwriting on the wall move on. In a lot of ways I liked the 2 week 'faux bubble' they had this year and I wouldn't mind if they had the same next year. IMHO they probably don't have to work unlike most of us the real world do. The women who audition are passionate, dynamic, and intelligentand those of us who work on the show love it and do their best to bring you an exciting new season every year. Caroline and someone else (Gina, Rachel, or Ashlee), Rockstar Rookie: Tori, with Kleine a close second (I think Tori squeaks by as better Ambassador), One And Done: There's so many that shouldn't have made the team this yearlet's see: Lea, Christina, Amber. Tell me your: Rockstar Rookie: Great dancer and ambassador, ROTY candidate, One and Done: Either retires or gets cutnext season, Sleeper Hit: Flies under the radar at first but starts to really shine in year2 or 3. There are some great comeback stories and there are some frustrating hopefuls that never seem to improve. And Marissa Garrison. Or are people just doing what they want and not worrying about the consequences? Hahhah I just want all the drama like where can I find it. They always come up with the most far fetched things lol. It is some kind of lighted phone case. Its a case for your cell phone that has lights so you dont need the selfie light ring. Is that Erin and Tori completing the triangle? Please speak to Morgan and Meredith. I think we'll see a pretty high return rate on everyone else. But I had totally let Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team (CMT, Tuesdays at 10) slip past me. As stated before, theres room for all. Powered by Invision Community. One and Done: I think they'll all try again but Amber and Jensen only just sneaked through for me so could fit in this category. Just saw her story. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team Latest Topics, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Personally I hope we see 10 or more retirements so we can see girls move up and new girls make their dreams come true. Kalyssa Alynn {Dawn Singleton} was born in Oklahoma. I didnt realize how bad some of the other forums/groups were for the longest time. Im sure deciding to retire after this year would be very frustrating. Was is it recently? Anyway, just my take on it. The link doesn't work on my phone, but does work on my laptop. PT doesn't seem as toxic as in the past. Top 10 in looks on the current team, but I wouldn't put her in the top of all time. 37.6k Followers, 1,752 Following, 978 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Danielle Marie (@danielle.marie12) Here was a show that had an obsessive/rabid fanbase (check the Primetimer forums for proof) that was essentially ignored by the mainstream. Honestly Ive found the FB group I am in to be awesome. What is Jackie's "full time job" now? I wonder why they showed Christina, Elli, Chandi, and Kristen so briefly. Video of the Christmas show:https://instagram.com/stories/tyylerhunterr/2710855963178639901?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&utm_medium=copy_link. You are Kelli's project and next year will not be as easy. I was more talking about the Plaza performance in the photos on the link above, Showgroup: Gina, Lexie, Amber M., Ashlee, Caroline, Jalyn, Rachel, Kat, Kelsey, Armani, That is surprising. 15.2k Followers, 662 Following, 283 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from DARIAN (@darianlassiter) Alanna. Rachel W. Please stay. Either way sheneeds to keep those DCC connections for her fitness business too. Kalyssa Alynn Dawn Singleton. Lol. Natalie is a producer for the show and it could be why she got to be on. Every TV show, new and old including shopping channels. By commenting below, you confirm that youve read and agree to those rules. Jalyn- I would say she's gotten as far with them as she is going to go and move on. They hate Kelli, Charlotte, Tina, Victoria, Tess and Lisa. Another interesting tidbit about the show is that in its last three seasons (12, 13, and 14), the show has increased its audiences a bit every year. Which also leads me to speculate on the 2021 season of MTT:If hardly any of the vets leave, there arefew rookie spots, which means not much show content unlessthere is a massive vet culling which would make for great drama and plenty of room for new rookies ouch some vetsd better be warned! My least favorite is either Cassie Trammell or Christina (the previous Christina, although Im not a fan of the new one either), but if it were up to me,I would not have put Lea on the team. Like, for the entire show. Most Improved From Last Year's Cameo Photo goes to Kat. I would agree that those rookies listed above aresome of the better dancers from their class. I would understand that better if it were a group of 4 rookies, but Chandi? And her speaking isn't great either. Looks like Armani is holding point on the floor. 24 talking about this. While many competition series like Survivor and Big Brother are specifically made for TV, the DCC audition and training camp process would happen regardless of whether camera crews were there or not. I hope she auditions againI cant remember if it was S14 or S13 but I want UCLA Katy to try out again too. So the poor-pitiful-us tale tends to ring a bit hollow. In a 2014 thread on Primetimer Forums, user SnarkySheep started a conversation that asked other fans about their favorite and least favorite aspects of Dawson, and stated, "No matter what she does . Theyll be the only ones that get this. 3 years ago. Editing remotely from home was surprisingly much more seamless than I thought it would be! The vets need to make their minds up now. The Proud Family: #LouderAndProuder makes space for varying responses to an autism diagnosis while retaining everyone's humanity. At the initial preliminary auditions, anyone is welcome to sign up and audition with a freestyle routine of their choice. I wish they (PT) would STOP with the body shaming. While the DCC style of dance at its core is power pom, the ladies are often taught more emotional/lyrical styles of dance, as well. . She would have been a wonderful representative (Obviously, I don't believe that Show Group is "the best of the best" given that these three were overlooked). They criticize and mock the women with more vitriol than Kelli and company combined, yet at the same time, they criticize the unattainable standards that the DCC organizations sets for being a cheerleader. While formatted competition shows like Survivor traditionally have one elimination at the end of each episode, DCC: Making The Team can have multiple eliminations at any point during an episode. They seem to think they are the be all, end all of DCC social media pages. Lets talk about it together! I think they could have made Ashlee'more prominentas a 4 year vet. 5 years is enough. She's beautifulin a doll like way but I still feel like she is expressionless in the DCC style. The rules allow you to snark all you want on TV actors and show hosts but you MUST be nice to each other. Field and post producers have absolutely zero input on which of the ladies make the team. She annoys like the living heck out of me. All rights reserved. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Oooopps..I have nothing against Rachel, I think she is sweet, sincere and good looking but I will confess to being Team Gina ( I think you could have worked that out by now). There are 45 women who are competing, and while each new season tends to focus more on the rookie candidates for that year, there are often season-long story arcs for veterans that can be on the team as long as six or seven years. I like how they featured each one of the group leaders at the end with what looked like their respective groups - it also got around the sticky issue of picking just one point like the 2019 reveal. and I have these for some of the season 10/11 girls: Rachel A was also with Tori when she was a 2020 TCC, Lea is probably my least favorite DCC ever.
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