Then, the Illuminati tried to make the Beyonder understand that his very existence was an upset to the natural order of things, explained his origin to him, and requested that he abandon the Universe, at once. He showed that he could change his physical form and erase the memory of others. After finally understanding who he was talking to, Peter tried to explain, but ultimately recommended Reed Richards as a better person to talk to. In Secret Wars II, it was unclear exactly why the Molecule Man's accident opened a portal to the Beyond-realm, other than that it was of universal importance. So he might possibly be 1-A in his realm Does this upscale beyonder to 1-a? However, the Thing found out, and insisted that the Beyonder be allowed to join, and that they wrestle as soon as possible: he wanted revenge for what happened to him on Battleworld. One of the passengers, Tabitha, ran up and started to walk with him. One of the local residents, Dave, a down-on-his luck local reporter, saw it and ran to see what was going on. The Beyonder is a cosmic entity of immense power. [18], To investigate the nature of desire, the Beyonder undertook an experiment. In other words, the Beyonder learned the lesson that Phoenix learned about the infinite value of every individual life. [4] Various superpowered adventurers from Earth, including the Hulk, Spider-Man,[19] and members of the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and X-Men, went to New York City's Central Park to investigate an enormous circular construct which had materialized in the park's Sheep Meadow. The Beyonder thus began his own criminal empire, not because of any inherent evil in his nature, but just because that's all he knew about from Vinnie. This flashback story took place after the events of Secret Wars I and before Secret Wars II. The Superhero Database Classification number, or SHDB Class, is a number that represents the overall 'power' of a character. The Beyonder resurrected Scion and returned to our universe. Additionally, readers can behold The Beyonder's appearance for the first time, discovering a mysterious clothed in celestial light. She alerted the Avengers as to his threat, and they in turn informed other superhuman champions. He freed Protege, who had the power to copy any power he witnessed. He launched right into his standard set of questions, asking about understanding and experience. He had never possessed a true form of his own before, but now he created for himself a physical form that resembled a composite of the bodies of various participants in the "secret war," in order that he could walk amongst humanity and fulfill his own desire for experience in this world. He had Toots watch over him while he got his gang network into action. Later it was decided to further retcon the character making it so that the Beyonder was both an Inhuman AND a Mutant. Then, before their eyes, a planet, which became known as Battleworld, was created to orbit that star. He teleported to their location and ran into Firelord but Firelord passed out from his injuries during his fight with Nebula and her army. [30] Upon reaching the House of Ideas, he decides to leave the story, promising to return on his own terms. [11], Intrigued by what he has witnessed during the first Secret Wars, the Beyonder comes to Earth during the Secret Wars II story line to walk among humans and study them and learn of human desire firsthand. The Beyonder and Doom, are now seperated. The Molecule Man begged him not to, and the Beyonder gave them a 24-hour reprieve. Marvel's Most Powerful Cosmic God Did Drugs with Two Forgotten TV Stars - Yes, Really. He is the secondary antagonist of the Battleworld arc in Season 4: Secret Wars. Now he appeared in front of a department store window, and transferred a blue suit from a mannequin to himself. [13][12][1], The Beyonder observed Earth for a number of years,[4] drawn to the planet by a tachyon beam,[17] and was fascinated to discover that the beings living within Earth's reality were not each a creation complete unto themselves. Rather than be derived from a Cosmic cube or a mutant Inhuman originally, if he wishes to be or for people to think he is either of those things or anything else, then with regards to his power, then he is those things. Omnipotent and coming from another universe, he stuck around for a bit, which often meant cosmic-scale trouble. He is in essence foreshadowing what is going to happen before it happens. He was ready and willing to face the Beyonder once again. Every Super Power has a score (SPS) that is used to calculate the Class. Owen Reece saw a newspaper story about his new approach, and started to get nervous. He was still observing her though, and was interested in her power, saying that, out of those he had encountered so far, she was the being who had the potential to be the most like him. First he found Illyana. The Beyonder went back to Owen's apartment to talk over all of these recent problems. The Beyonder is more powerful than Eternity, The Living Tribunal, and most any other Marvel Comics character to date. Or at least so Mephisto hoped; even with all this power, he wasn't sure it could kill the Beyonder. Later they created Cosmic Cubes. They found the Beyonder and their tachyon beam attracted his attention. Deciding to confront the Beyonder before became a viable threat once more, the Illuminati employed a Skrull ship and traveled to Ceres, only to find a hidden replica of the island of Manhattan in the middle of the asteroid belt. (See Powers for a greater explanation of this.) The machine was then to rapidly age his infant form into an adult and release him. As he matured, he discovered love. The Beyonder would try to get a human (Peter Parker) to renounce his ideals, and Mephisto would try to keep him on the straight and narrow. He would have to think about all this. They merge and shape themselves into a Cube. Beyonder demonstrates his abilities by splitting the Hulk and Bruce Banner apart before sending them to the other parts of Battleworld. She left a message for the X-Men and flew towards the west coast. He was simply being far too artificial in his approach, and didn't understand. Still pondering the subject of desire, he happened upon Rick Jones, Brandy Clark, and the child Cindy Adams. The Beyonder agreed to play it safe, and restored Doom to his original body (and Norm McArthur's mind back to his body), then sent him back in time to the beginning of Secret Wars I. The Beyonder is the sum total of a parallel reality called the Beyond-Realm or simply "Beyond", hence the name "Beyonder". Storm then informs Spider-Man over a computer that she is with an alien rebel army led by General Torg. And if that didn't work, she had a backup plan. As everything once again settles down, Spider-Man explains how all this occured. During a meeting of the Illuminati, Professor Charles Xavier relates new facts about the Secret Wars. When he went to kill him, however, he couldn't go through with it, unable to believe that such an unassuming man was so all-powerful. Or more specifically, it is the Beyonder's body and essence, but they have been possessed by the Goblin Queen. An infinity of powers--with no finite element inside! Strange had once done himself, thus proving that the Beyonder, like Strange, had some goodness still inside him. Spider-Man then tells the Lizard the whole situation, convincing the Lizard to fight along side the rest of the heros. It is unclear whether Black Bolt did or did not remember the Beyonder. While all the heros make their trek to the Red Skull's base they take a hovercraft to cross the desert,a sandstorm causes the hovercraft to come to a stop and crash due to it's overwhelming force. They eventually find the Fantastic Three? The Beyonder is the manifestation of the "Beyond-Realm," or simply the "Beyond," which exists separately from the multiverse. The Beyonder first appeared during the first Secret Wars, as a being that was stated to be the omnipotent embodiment of an entire separated multiverse. His frustration with this attempt led him to become more and more erratic and dangerous to the rest of the multiverse. As one of the Beyonder's only true confidants, he could speak to him in a way that the others could not. He was so angry that he unleashed a multiversally-destructive bolt of energy--which Reece then quietly fixed. He found a nearby seedy hotel and got a room, sleeping on the floor. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Hence, each sentient being on Earth was, in the Beyonder's unique point of view, inherently "incomplete" and thereby [he assumed] must strive to find some way to remedy its incompleteness. Whether you are looking to dig deeper into The Beyonder's mysterious origin or discover how Secret Wars changed the landscape of Marvel Comics forever, these features will guide the way. The Beyonder put out the fire, and the Wasp offered him membership in the Avengers, thinking that at least that way they could keep an eye on him. At first he was ecstatic, but he eventually realized that his sight was so precious that he might lose his sense of integrity in order to keep it, so he asked the Beyonder to take it back and take them off the case, which the Beyonder then did. At that exact moment, something strange occurred: Professor X sensed a strong presence nearby, which was mutant in nature. Madame Web comments on how Spider-Man has already led the heros into battle, and the Beyonder agrees that this is a good start, but he decides to see how everything ends. Pre-Retcon Beyonder/Classic Beyonder- As a result of being the entirety of a dimension of far more scope than our own multiverse, he was more powerful than all of the rest of reality (he was described in narration as having "millions" of time more power than all the power in our multiverse combined). First, it is unclear when it takes place. He briefly had the young superhuman mutant called Boom-Boom as a companion, and terrified her when he threatened to destroy the entire universe on a whim. Intent on discovering his true purpose, The Beyonder falls in love, exacts revenge, and chases pleasure, yet every road leads to a dead end. He was, however, missing his memories of the time he spent in the other man's body. [3], The Cube expels the Molecule Man from its form, returning him to Earth, and soon evolves into the cosmic being known as Kosmos. As he recounted, Doom participated in the first Secret War despite the fact that he had already died; in the second Secret War, it was revealed that Doom had secretly swapped minds with Norman McArthur. The Puma was now brought to the absolute limit of his anger and his sense of righteousness in his cause. A man from a nearby island happened to come by and was inspired by the Beyonder's "think system," and told others. 2023 GAMESPOT, A FANDOM COMPANY. Beyonder has Hulk level strength, cellular replication, super durability, and superhuman intelligence. [31], Furious, the Beyonder now believed that he had no role in the universe at all, and decided that he would be happier if he destroyed the Multiverse so that he would be alone once more. As it turns out, the Beyonder isn't an Inhuman mutant or a Cosmic cube, but rather, because of his power, if he says he is those things - then he is. He went to talk to Vinnie about it, but all he could do, now that he was controlled, was offer platitudes of obeisance. The Beyonder is finally defeated by a huge group of superheroes, including the Fantastic Four, X-Men, Avengers, and Spider-Man, after the Molecule Man intervenes and kills him, while he had temporarily transformed into an infant in the midst of a re-birthing process. Still cocky, the Beyonder tried to defeat Protege, but Protege's powers continued to grow until it was more than the Beyonder could handle. Remains to be seen. When the Beyonder arrived, Magik offered herself up as a sacrifice in exchange for the lives of the others; the Beyonder disintegrated her with no regard for the deal. [12], After Doom's plan was foiled, the Beyonder was told that his creation was actually the result of the creation of a faulty Cosmic Cube by the extradimensional Beyonders. By the time Mephisto planned to drop his contract with Thing, nearly all of the Legion Accursed were defeated. Although Fantastic Four #319 didn't arrive on newsstands until 1988, two years after Secret Wars II ended, the issue is the best place to start for new and returning fans. The Beyonder, however, simply teleported Fireheart to Japan. Deciding to see how far this would go, he increased Kurse's power once again. He can see things in greater detail than most, thanks to his telescopic, microscopic, infrared and x-ray vision. He spent the night with a waitress, but then caused a conflict with the X-Men after showing off his powers. The Molecule Man explained that Doom could not control the power of the Beyonder in the first Secret War because his mind was incomplete. But the Beyonder felt that he had to keep doing something, he needed a role in the universe. [12], Doctor Doom asked the Beyonder to make his mind complete. This time, however, in a contradiction with all previous encounters between the two, the Molecule Man proved to be the more powerful. Heroes from all corners of the Marvel Comics multiverse band together to thwart The Beyonder and stop his plan. He killed Karma by reflecting her power back at her. The character was retconned into a less powerful character, a self-aware Cosmic Cube inhabiting his own "dimension" because there was no matrix to hold his energy, with the explanation that other more powerful beings had exercised their powers on the Beyonder's behalf to ease his transition into self-awareness. Indeed, upon the realization that he (as he heretofore thought) was not all that existed, he began to view himself as incomplete, and, as a result, found that he too now felt desire. She converted Sam Guthrie before he realized what she was doing, but the others rejected his "gift." He told the Beyonder to bring back Death, but the Beyonder said that the only way to do it would be if someone agreed to die and become the new Death. However, Klaw recreated Rogers, who attacked Doom again. Then Owen Reece and Volcana showed up, and he added to Kubik's attack on the Beyonder. Kubik showed up and explained that because he and the Beyonder/Kosmos were purely abstract containers of power, they did not contain the full degree of potential that Owen Reece, as a human, had. He was shown and described to repel Galactus "like a bug", and even greatly exceeded the collected energy of the latter's World-Ship. Beyonder informs Spider-Man he needed to make sure that he was a capable leader of "the real task at hand." Back in New York, Puma once again found Peter Parker and tried to enroll him in his quest to kill the Beyonder. [10], It was soon revealed that Doom's attack was a bomb made of Molecule Men he collected from throughout the Multiverse, which not only allowed him to destroy the Beyonders but at the same time channel the resulting energy into Owen Reece, and use that energy to collect what remained of the Multiverse into a single planet known as Battleworld. [23], At some unknown point, Kosmos becomes insane and assumes a mortal form, now calling itself the Maker. Summers, meanwhile, was in a coma due to a bite from Dracula, and was under the care of that world's X-Men. He then went to Avengers Mansion to talk to the Avengers, but Jarvis told him they were in space. The level determines the final score, of the Super Power, being used in the calculation. While Reece was not as strong as the Beyonder, he was able to hold him off until the other heroes regained consciousness. Some are tapped into by various beings, including Skrulls and humans, to create reality-warping Cosmic Cubes. He finally found Thor and attacked. They were revealed to be the same race as the "Omegas" previously seen in Defenders (20112012) and briefly appeared in Ultimates 2 (2016) #6. All that Phoenix experienced--the totality of life, in all its forms, in all its infinite glory--is now his." Then he went through himself. Mephisto was particularly fearful and enraged. Inspired by the Thing's heroism, the Beyonder decided to inspire others in turn to find their true role in life. He remained a totally mysterious force to the people on Battleworld, hero and villain. In Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars (by Jim Shooter, Michael Zeck, John Beatty, and Christie Scheele), The Beyonder abducts Marvel's greatest heroes and villains and orders them to fight on Battleworld. Illyana wanted to attack him, but Rachel stopped her and instead tried to psychically bond with him in an attempt to communicate. The Puma was enraged at this, and swore he would kill him. The Beyonder was driven into complete despair, and took to drinking. [6] One of these energy modicums would later develop sentience and take its name after its creators, the Beyonder.[7]. Mr. Jones was dying of cancer; Clark missed her lover Rom and her previous incarnation as the Space Knight Starshine, and Adams was tortured by the presence of a Dire Wraith in her mind. [11] References [ edit] RELATED: Doctor Strange 2 Sets the Stage for the MCU's Secret Wars - But Which One? It was a desperate gamble, to say the least. This display of power and aggression scared Boom Boom, however, and the Beyonder tried to make her happy. It was during one of these sessions that the Molecule Man, who had reverted to evil, pulled the old male Beyonder essence out of Kosmos, leaving her a pale unconscious shadow. He felt that the Beyonder should be more like him, and just settle down to enjoy the small things in life, like his life with Marsha. He went into an underground bunker to think it all out. Beyonder tells Spider-Man to think of him and his assistant, Madame Web, as 'ones from beyond.' Kurse had finally reached New York, and randomly happened to hurt Margaret Power. [28], The Beyonder appears to the Defenders after they left the multiverse. Even though Strange had seen so many mysteries and beings of power, and had "stood unafraid before Eternity himself," he recoiled at the sight of the Beyonder's true nature and power. Now they each had only part of the power of a sentient Cosmic Cube, entities that are still very powerful, but stand far below such entities as the Living Tribunal and Eternity, and even the Celestials. He was overwhelmed when Rachel Summers returned the enormous powers that he had bestowed upon her along with the thoughts of the past and present beings in the universe, to the point that he collapsed on the ground,[38] and he was apparently slowed down in battle against the Molecule Man. They explained to the Beyonder that Doom wanted his memories because he thought that with them, he would have been whole, and perhaps he would have been able to hold on to the power of the Beyonder during Secret Wars I. He then stopped the effects, and decided to punish the dealers instead, erasing them--and all other drug dealers--from existence. As a result, death, portrayed by Mephisto, cannot destroy him. As he did, he teased the Molecule Man, whose power exceeded everyone else's in the universe, as if he were a child, saying "Sorry to 'burst your bubble,' Owie, but if I want in, nothing can stop me--and you might as well know now!" Even Dr. Doom and Phoenix try to outsmart and overpower the celestial being, yet, The Beyonder, capable of mind control and time travel, usurps their folly each time. Much like Thanos, The Beyonder can shape, change and--if desired--destroy worlds and realities. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. The Beyonder is a complex and enigmatic character. Dracula finally brings the Beyonder/Goblin Queen to Havok's location, and Havok comes out and attacks, buoyed by the power of several mystics and other characters. The original Secret Wars left The Beyonder with questions about desire, choice, and purpose, and Secret Wars II sends him on a journey to find answers--no matter the cost. Childlike and vastly powerful, he grew up in a universe created by the other Beyonders for their young. The Molecule Man defeated the Beyonder, and Kubik showed up asking him to stop. [39], Under unrevealed circumstances, Kosmos left Kubik, went mad, turned herself into a mortal called the "Maker," and obliviously slaughtered 64,000 colonists of a Shi'ar agrarian settlement. He tried to explain what he was trying to do, but they wouldn't listen, so he knocked them all (including Rachel and the Silver Surfer) away with one swipe of his hand. Muramoto explained that this situation was the Beyonder's greatest challenge: he wanted to help people find their roles, but what if the Puma's role was to kill the Beyonder? He wanted to erase everything so that he would no longer be reminded of the things that frustrated him so much. Alarmed by the imminent threat of extinction, Phoenix, a.k.a., Rachel Summers, realizes she must use her powers to destroy the multiverse and protect future generations from The Beyonder's reign. The Beyonder ordered fish and collard greens, and the other diners, who are black, thought he seemed out of place (too white). The Lizard regained conscienceness and ran outside where he was attacked by alien giant sand worms. The Beyonder would often return to their apartment to discuss his recent experiences and philosophical quandries. In retaliation, The Beyonder kills most of The New Mutants and sends Marvel's most powerful warriors home in defeat. In order to talk about the Beyonder's formative moments (his "childhood"), they went to the Beyond-realm and the Beyonder showed him the pinhole that first showed him our universe. The Beyonder finally changes "his" appearance and reveals "himself" as Madelyne Pryor. He wished to see who was more powerful in a planetary scale battle of good and evil. Whether you are a die-hard fan of Secret Wars or a new reader hoping to catch up for the MCU's next big event, this guide will help you explore The Beyonder's rich legacy in Marvel Comics. Owen Reece eventually heard about this on the TV, and was worried about the Beyonder's new passion. He sent down an enormous blast of energy from the heavens that destroyed everything in its pathexcept that the Molecule Man had saved a bit of energy, and managed to not only save all the heroes, but also put every other living thing in the path of the blast into subspace. Strange. Powerful beyond all comprehension, The Beyonders live in a universe beyond the Marvel Comics multiverse. The Cube then took on a new body and persona, calling itself Kosmos. They tried to help him, but it was not enough, and this time the Beyonder swept Reece aside with all the others. (Others, like the Enchantress, also tried to leave, but were unable to pierce the barrier set up by the Beyonder.) He raised his hand to attack back, but the Marsha put her reserve plan into action. Thus, The Beyonder, once an immortal, omnipotent god, falls victim to his strange obsession with desire, purpose, and death. Here is an explantion of the Beyonder's powers and power shifts as a result of the rectonned storylines. For example, Klein being able to create a town (Utopia) out of nowhere even if none of his beyonder powers corresponds to such a feat. Thanos instructs the Shi'ar that the body should be kept alive but brain-dead, or the Beyonder essence would go free again. After the death of Death, the Beyonder increasingly began to become the target of conflict on a large scale. Finally he gave her half of his power (making her more powerful than anyone else in existence), but it didn't matter. Iron Man's suit later ran out of power, the Lizard states he can fix this within one hour. Spider-Man shows a bit of envy as he witnesses the new found connection between Black Cat and the Captain. The Beyonder came back from their therapy session even more angry than before, and was now determined to destroy all of existence. As they died, Moondragon left a psychic message with the others, saying that perhaps this result was the Beyonder's intent all along--that he knew they could only truly defeat the Dragon by forcing them to take this extra measure. [12], The Defenders encountered the Beyonders when they went outside the Multiverse. They were both actually thankful at this. A magical spear Gungnir, used by the kings of Asgard is powered by Odin force. He brought them to his new headquarters, a giant floating building in the ocean, complete with TVs that monitored everyone on Earth. Their battle nearly blew out the nearby sun like a candle, and severely buffeted Battleworld. He is the most powerful being in the Marvel Multiverse. [15] He eventually threatened to end existence but accidentally allowed himself to get killed, or so it seemed. OtakuKart. She hoped that with the current universe destroyed, the Beyonder would lose interest in it, and would at least not destroy the future universe, whereas if he continued on his present course, he would probably destroy not only the current universe but any future ones as well. There is a short series of ambiguous flashbacks that seem to show the Beyonder walking into the Terrigen Mists. The sorcerer Doctor Strange advised him to find a purpose in life, and so the Beyonder decided to become a champion of life like Strange himself. Finally he released her from his control, at which point she told him how his respect for her had led her to leave the life of the streets and get a real job. Doom, however, began to wrestle with his new limitless nature, and started to become unstable. The Beyonder is an entity of great power, responsible for the Secret Wars. Instead, he learns the incursions are being caused by the Beyonders, whom he also refers to as the Ivory Kings. The Beyonder: What Happened to Marvel's Secret Wars God? She was so much happier now, and it was all because of him--but pointedly, he understood, she loved him for what he had given her emotionally, and not because he was the overlord of the world. Thanos planned to keep the Maker alive to keep the Beyonder trapped in the only "prison" that could contain him. Meanwhile, we find out that Doctor Octopus has joined forces with the Red Skull since Dr. Doom has taken over Octavia, the kingdom of Doctor Octopus.The Red Skull assures Dr. Octopus that he will have his kingdom once again, but only if he agrees to enhance the Cyber Skull built by Smythe. The Beyonder has been the source of many retcons and reinventions over the years. He exists beyond space and time. At first, he was changed to a gift from the race of Beyonders, a Cosmic Cube, but was flawed due to his shared history with the Molecule Man. During the battle, he famously said, "The trouble is, lesser beings can't really perceive the bulk of the action--the billions of feints, thrusts, and parries per second--or the countless levels, besides the physical, upon which this fight, however one-sided, is taking place!" Phoenix. His ultimate goal is to discover the true meaning of existence, and his journey takes him across the Marvel universe. When she destroyed an entire Shi'ar settlement known as Eru 7, she caught the attention of the Imperial Guard. They then said that this was not true, because he was created by his mutant gene, as if that were not natural. The Beyonder next walked along a train track in a melancholy mood, still obsessed with his failed relationship with Dazzler. The Beyonder then went to talk to the Hulk, and found that his Banner side had been erased. He was at this time still wearing the face of the Molecule Man. comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment More posts you may like . In classic continuity, the thing that attracted his attention in both instances was the presence of the Molecule Man. Marvel Database is a FANDOM Comics Community. To study the effects of the desire for revenge, the Beyonder transformed Thor's enemy, the Dark Elf Algrim into the powerful menace Kurse. Created by Jim Shooter and Mike Zeck in 1984's Secret Wars #1, the Beyonder can shape reality, regenerate on a cellular level and change into any form. He is an extradimensional being who has been depicted as a cosmic force with unimaginable power. A train came along behind him, and he "zapped" it with his fingers shaped into a child's "gun" position. Writers later on depowered The Beyonder, which resulted with other versions. Strange and Professor X no longer sense the Beyonder's presence. He said that this explained a great puzzle: Doom was dead and his body dispersed during Secret Wars I, so how was Doom there to steal the Beyonder's power, and why didn't he and the Beyonder recognize him? It hit him, and knocked him back one step. People needed to be free to learn and take risks, just like the horse race.
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